Links to useful sites

Provided below are links to websites that I've found useful for myself or other parents that I've been in contact with.

Switch Adapted Websites

Priory Woods School - Switch Adapted Programs, Story Books & More


Noah’s Ark Toy Library


Sunshine Coast Children's Therapy Centre - Provides therapy services to children with moderate to severe physical, intellectual and sensory disabilities.

Hear and Say Centre

Sunshine Butterflies Sunshine Butterflies offers a range of services which includes the personal fundraising opportunities, support groups and workshops, swim and recreation programs as well as offering information and resources for carers and families to connect and network with each other or to other services.


Qld State School ECDC program

C&K Kindergarten

C&R Family Day Care


DSQ (Disability Services Queensland)

Healthcare card tax threshold - If your child has a Healthcare card did you know that they are treated as an Adult in regards to their tax free threshold, so they can earn more before being tax.

Better start funding - Better Start for Children with Disability provides improved access to early intervention services. Eligible children will be able to access up to $12,000 in early intervention funding.

Medical Aids Subsidy Scheme (MASS) - provides access to subsidy funding for the provision of MASS endorsed aids and equipment to eligible Queensland residents with permanent and stabilised conditions or disabilities


Sunshine Coast Family Networks Association Inc

Commonwealth Respite - provide free and confidential information on community aged care, disability and other support services available locally, interstate or anywhere within Australia.


Orthodics Solutions - 

BPO - 

Medical Accessories of Australia - 

GP Orthopedics

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