Using an iPad with children

The iPad is a great tool for any child, especially a child with a disability.  The touch screen makes it very easy to use.  Even the most basic cause and effect app gives the child an instant reward.  The child can get up close to the screen, which is great if your child has a visual impairment.  This is primary reason I chose an iPad over a laptop computer.

A range of media (music and video) can be accessed, ebooks, games, educational apps, cause and effect apps and much more.  Also there are apps that can convert speech to text and assist with communication.

How to find Apps for the iPad.

I’ve created a list of iPad apps we have used so far, as well as those that have been recommended to me.  However, as the app store is continually growing, new ideas and apps are being created daily, keep checking back as I add more.  I would love to know if you have any favorites that should be added.  A great site to check out is  They have an ipad/iphone app too, which helps to select apps, and lets you know when apps are on special.  Sometimes paid apps will drop in price or even become free for a day, or a few weeks.

Different Versions of Apps

Some of the iPad apps can be downloaded as a lite version which is a free version but sometimes come with ads, or only part of the full apps functionality.  The ads can be removed sometimes by turning off Wi-Fi, but I usually buy the app if I like it.  It stops my child hitting the ad and being taken to a website which is unproductive and frustrating.  Also if you buy the app it supports the developer.  If you like their work, reward them and you child by buying the app.

How to help your wallet when buying apps for you iPhone/iPad.

The best way to buy your apps is to buy iTunes cards.  iTunes cards are frequently on special, so you can get two $20 iTunes cards ($40 worth of credit) for $30.  Deals like this are giving you money, so take it rather than purchasing on your credit card where you pay full price.  Check out this website for current specials offers in Australia it’s updated regularly and you can even help that site by posting specials if they not already listed.

When you buy your iTunes cards please make sure that you carefully scrap the silver strip off.  Do not use a coin, just use your nail or you'll scratch the number off.  I you have made a mistake and scrapped off the some of the code, contact Apple support with what code you have, and any details on the card.  They will help you complete your activation of your card.

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