iPad App Recommendations

There are so many iPad apps on the Appstore it's hard to know which ones are good and because you can't try before you buy, you want to make sure they are worth the money before you buy.  Here are some tips, and there are also a number of iPad App listed in various categories under iPad Apps on the drop down menu.  These are all used by my children, and I think they have all been good value and target different areas of development.

Please note that prices are current when I list them.  Developers are always increasing/decreasing prices, and sometimes have the app for free for 24 hours as a promotion.  There are a number of websites that are a fantastic resource for finding/choosing apps.

App Shopper is a great website to check out information, including price changes by date.  You can all register and all apps to your wish list, and App Shopper will email you when the price drops.

Oz Bargain list apps on special too as well as other items.

AppsGoneFree is an app for the iPhone/iPad which lists apps daily that are free for a short period of time.  I check it every day, and all apps are at least a 3 star rating. 

Please contact me if you have any app suggestions or questions. Thanks You.

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