createacar is one of my sons favorite websites.  They have fantastic games for children.  When your away from a wifi connection you can't play so luckily have ported it to an iOS app, so my son can now play anytime anywhere.  He loves cars and creates all sorts of crazy vehicles.  You can store them in the garage to show off to friends, and even make the drive with the wheels spinning around.

This app is $1.29 and a complete bargain for car obsessed children.



Do you have a quick ninja finger?  Use your finger to slice fruit that flies all over the screen, but you need to be accurate as well as quick!

This is a family favorite and it never ages, it's just great fun and probably about the only time most kids will take an interest in fruit!

This app is $3.79 but there is a free version to try



Air hockey.  An old favorite for us parents from the precomputer era (showing my age there eh!).  Nothing like the real game, but this app makes it just as fun with fastpaced playing against a computer or your friends.  The gold version is free with ads but there is a paid version if you want to remove them.

This app is free but there is an ad free version you can buy for only $1.29



Bowl the original HyperBowl Classic lane!

Swipe up on the screen to push the ball forward, swipe left or right to push it horizontally, down to roll backwards! Feel free to explore the scenery, but watch your time, and don't gutter! Double-tap the timer to pause.

This app is free but there are a number of other hyper bowl games which have different settings if you want to explore them.



A great one for the boys like that like gross stuff and bugs.  My eldest loves it!  It's very much like flight control.

The objective is to feed flies and other insects while avoiding encounters between them.  Explore the depths of a cosy little swamp and feed some flies to the carnivorous plants, or play on the porch at night and zap some pests with a cool, but faulty electric fly zapper.

This app is free 


An animated sticker book for the iPad with sounds, how cool.   You can resize items, dress ups charaters, create beach scenes, or fly planes.  Great for the imagination or to use a part of a therapy task, like dressing or body parts.

Also check other ClickySticky apps featuring Cars, Trains, Superheroes, Easter and Christmas apps!

This app is $2.49 



Great fun for adults and children.  It's a easy game to play by pressing a plane and directing it to land by tracing a flight path.  Keep an eye on multiple aircraft to make sure they land safely without hitting another aircraft.  Sounds easy but it gets crazy and addictive.

This app is $6.49 



Guide the Nut to the Bolt as fast as it possible. You have to do this by erasing different objects, using cannons, combining different things and so on.  It is a really addictive and so much fun!  Great for children that like puzzles.

This app is $1.29



The goal is deceptively simple, to connect the gears together.  Each level adds more complexity than the last. Other gear-based puzzle games restrict players to a snap-grid. In Geared, players are rewarded for their creativity and ingenuity.

This app is $3.79



If you haven't heard of Angry Birds you must have been living under a rock.  Cute graphics and videos, and an entertaining story, your aim is to fling birds at pigs to get your revenge.  Who would have though flinging birds at pigs on an elastic band could be so fun!   Warning Very Addictive!!!

There are a number of different versions to try, this link is for the original game which is a great starting point.  There is also Rio, Seasons, Space and Starwars and new games are released all the time.  The creators also keep their apps updated so even older games get the occasional update with new content.

This app is $3.79 and a lite version is available by clicking here



Created by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, the Play School Art Maker app is a fun way for kids to freely create pictures, animated movies and story slideshows using their favourite Play School toys and craft items.  They can even add their own audio narration, upload their own photos as backgrounds, and save photos of their art.

This app is free


Lights, Camera, Play! Toontastic is a creative storytelling app that enables kids to draw, animate, and share their own cartoons with friends and family around the world. With over 7 million cartoons created in 200+ countries, parents and teachers rave about the app... and kids can't stop creating!

Making cartoons with Toontastic is as easy as putting on a puppet show - simply press the record button, move your characters onscreen, and tell your story. Toontastic records your animation and voice as a cartoon video to share with friends and family on ToonTube, the app's global storytelling network for kids. 

This app is free with in app purchases if your wish to buy them.  There are also Pirate Puppet Theatre, Shrek Movie Maker and Kung Fu Panda editions as a separate download from the itunes store.  They also have a School Edition for $12.99 which is the same as the free app with all the content, without purchasing in-app purchases.



Toca Boca is one of my favourite app designers. All their apps are colourful, easy to use, and fun for both the parents and the child. One of the favourites of the moment is Toca Boca Kitchen Monsters. You can choose between too different monsters, and you get to cook for them and you get to learn about their individual likes and dislikes. It's a great way to discuss food, and your child's likes and dislikes while you play. You can blend, pan fry, microwave all sorts of ingredients from the fridge.

Price: Free


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