A basic, easy to use app that can be used to present yes or no style questions.  You can customise a number of pages for different questions, like inside and outside as an example.  The app has also recently included the ability to use your own images for buttons.

This app is $4.99



Proloquo2Go is a fanastic app, and although it costs a lot of money, it can be cheaper that buying a standalone communication device.  It's easy to use, and has a number of settings to customise it to your needs.  I purchased the app using my funds from Better start and it's getting used more and more to develop my son's communication.

I recently attended a Proloquo2go infromation session at my sons school, and it was extreamly useful to learn how to use it effectively and using the same techiques as the teachers are using in the class room, which ensures consistency when using the program.

I can be a daunting program to use but words are grouped in common sense areas so they are usually easy to find.  Once you get use to it, you will be having conversations in no time.

This app is $269.99 (no that's not a typo) and I suggest buying it with itunes vouchers which you can buy with 20-25% off to reduce the cost.


scene and heard

Scene & Heard is an interactive context based communication aid and learning tool.
Parents, teachers, therapists and helpers can import photos and allocate actions including audio messages, short videos, Widgit symbols and scene links to transition to a new scene. This makes the scene interactive!

This app is $64.99 and I suggest buying it with itunes vouchers which you can buy with 20-25% off to reduce the cost.

There is also a lite version to try before you buy.  Click here to try the lite version.


sounding board

SoundingBoard transforms your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad into the latest in communication technology.  You can create boards, using AbleNet symbols, or take photos to create your own.  It also allows you to record your own voice for button activations.  Perfect for children in special education, persons on the autism spectrum, and adults with disabilities and it's compatible with the iphone and ipad so you can have it with you anywhere.

This app is free but offers in-app purchases to expand the boards, but you can just make your own boards as part of the free app.



We use skype alot in our house.  It's a great app for communicating with relatives that live far away, and you can see video while you chat.  Having skype on the iPad is ideal for people with vision impairments that require things up close.  It's one of the best things to see our children engaging with their grandparents from overseas.

This app is free for over the internet video conferencing, but calls to landlines and mobiles require call credit.  You will also need to create a skype account to use the service.  The button below is for the iPad app, but there is an iPhone specific app on the itunes store.


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