I hear ewe

Touch the animals to hear their sounds and an enlarged image.  All the images are cartoon type drawning.

There are 2 pages of animals and 1 page of transport


A cute app, that's very basic.  There's a noise coming from the barn, who's in the barn?  The child just taps the screen and the barn opens and you get to see what animal it is, with noises.

Link to the free lite version, or pay $2.49 for the full version with more animals.


Itsy Bitsy Spider explorers by touching the spider and other interactive items.  It has a nice soundtrack and audio, and the graphics are pleasing to the eye.  Duck Duck Moose the creator have a number of apps that are great fun too.  They will keep you amused for ages thanks to all the hidden elements on the screen.

This app costs $2.99 but it's well worth it.


Mooh is a cute little game where circular tiles can be activated and make farm animal noises.  You can enlarge the tiles or make them smaller.

This app is free


sound touch

Press tiles, with immediate reward in the form of a lovely photo and sounds.  For example when you press the car image, a full screen photo of a car is shown with a car sound.  What's great is that the image changes with each turn and there are a number of subject to choose from.

This app costs $6.99 but it's great value and my son has played it for time after time.


pocket pond

A theraputic app.  There is nothing more soothing that running your fingers through the water with the realistic water sounds, and seeing the fish swimming about.  You can add additional fish, food and water lillys.  There are in app purchases for additional features so make sure you have in-app purchases turned off.  To find out how to do this, see the iPad restrictions settings page.

This app is free, and if you visit the download page there is also a Pocket Pond, and iFish pond by the same developer if you want more fish pond apps.


tesla toy

This app is similar to line art, but instead of lines produces pulses of energy around your touches.  Make multiple touches at the same time to really kick off amazing images.

This app is $2.49


bubble snap

Everyone loves popping bubblewrap!

Now you can snap it anytime!  Very theraputic!

This app is free



Egg is an iPhone app but works on the iPad too.  It's great for those moments when your stuck waiting and need something to entertain your little darlings.  Just tap, tap, tap, to reveals what hidden inside the Egg!

This app is free



iLoveFireworks is an amazing cause and effect app, use your fingers to create beautiful fireworks display!  You get instant gratification when a firework pops out immediately with lovely graphics and real sounds.

You can download the lite version for free, you can purchase an ad free version for $1.29

flashcards for ipad

This app features flashcards wtih great graphics.  The cards are interactive and make noises when you press the picture and say the word below, or even individual letters.  It also feature a number of different languages.

You can download the lite version for free, you can purchase an ad free version for $2.49 with plenty of in-app purchases to keep it entertaining.


flashcards for ipad

Make lines bend around your fingers, and use multiple fingers to make crazy paterns. 

You can download the app for $2.49.


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