What is switch adapting?

A child with a disability may find it difficult to play with some off the shelf toys, due to a physical impairment.  With a simple switch they can use their hands, or any part of their body to activate the toy which would normally require a small button to be pressed or a hand to be squeezed.  It can help give the child their first experiences with taking control, and you can modify it later to use for choice making by introducing two switches.

You can switch adapt many different types of toys, a computer mouse, and just about anything that uses a battery.

When purchasing toys, look out for toys with lights, music, toys that move or blow bubbles so that you can see an immediate responce when the switch is pressed.  The best way is to visit your local toy store and try different toys.  You want to find one that works with a single finger press or squeeze.  As with most things, the K.I.S.S. method is best, if it looks like a complicated toy, it's probably not going to work.  You can also modify some simple remote control toys.

WARNING: DO NOT attempt to modify any equipment that plugs a power socket in the wall, it can and will harm you or the child using the switch.  Only switch adapt battery operated toys.

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